About Us

Suni is managed by the non-profit organization Abraham Thomas Foundation. The Abraham Thomas Foundation is engaged in education and media since 1996.  Dr. Sunil Thomas is the editor-in-chief of Suni. Chief Technology Officer is Jyothi Abraham.


Suni is the scientific news wire organization of the Abraham Thomas Foundation. The Abraham Thomas Foundation is a non-profit organization engaged in education and media. As part of the commitment to science, the Foundation started The Latest Science in 2009. The Latest Science provides information on recent advances in any branch of science. The Latest Science is dedicated to the latest cutting edge articles published in journals that has a significant impact on science. The Latest Science is meant for researchers and physicians. Most people with little background in science find it difficult to comprehend papers published in scientific journals. Thus, there was a need to start a news organization that report scientific news to the common man. Thus was born Suni, the scientific newswire organization.